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Relax Revive Restore

Relax your mind. Revive your body. Restore the Balance.

ONLINE SERVICES (Resources to aid you through the lock down):

Hi All!,

For the duration of the lock down, postponement of physical services/face to face services due to Covid 19, I am offering the following:

Online Yoga Classes (Group):

These will be run from the Zoom platform:

You can download the app onto your device, or use the link emailed to you when attending a booked class.

Online Class Timetable (Group)

Mondays: 9.30am - 11am

Thursdays: 7pm - 8.30pm

Fridays: 9.30am - 11am

Cost: £7 pre book & pre pay before class. Please contact me prior to check availability.

121/Small booking (up to 4 people) Yoga and/or Meditation:

Private classes can be run should you want private 121 Yoga and/or Meditation tuition, or with a group of your choice as a small group. Again via the Zoom Platform:

121 & Small Group/Private Yoga & Meditation timetable:

Mondays: 3pm - 7pm

Tuesdays: 8am - 12 noon

Wednesdays: 8am - 12 noon & 3pm - 7pm

Thursdays: 8am - 12 noon

Fridays: 2pm - 6pm

Cost: sliding scale to suit budget. Please contact me direct to discuss. Pre book and pre pay before class. Please contact me prior to check availability.


As this service is run online, I will need your email address, details of which class you would like to book and your preferred method of paying (Paypal or other, see below in "Paying for Classes" section). You can send me your details by:

Texting: 07904 276 018

Email: [email protected]

Facebook (direct message

I will message you back to verify availability of that class.

Paying for Classes/121

Payment for this service is one of 2 ways:

PayPal: using the link

Other: If you do not have a Paypal account, I can email you an invoice via Paypal and you can pay via the invoice I send through credit or debit card.

Normal fees have been reduced against standard physical/ face to face practice fees, to make these services viable to you for the duration of the lock down due to Covid 19, due to many being on a reduced income. Once physical practice resumes, standard fees will resume.


As the service is pre book and pre pay, access to the class will be given once payment is received.

Emails to classes/Zoom links are sent out the day before your class.

Booking a class is made available up to 24 hours before the class date.This ensures emails for links to classes can be sent and any issues addressed, if needed.

Bookings not attended need to be cancelled with at least 24 hrs notice or 100% cancellation fee will be applied. If more than 24 hours notice, I can defer payment to next booking.

Should you have not been to any class of mine and is your first time for classes or 121 meditation or Yoga, a short health questionnaire will be sent/emailed to you. This enables me to tailor my services to your needs before the class/121. Please return this to me before the class.

We try to sort out any technical problems before class start within the first 15 minutes. Should this happen on the day, please text me on 07904 276 018 within that time and I shall try to resolve the issue.

 If it cannot be resolved on the day, I can arrange a video call outside of class, to try and resolve the problem you are having. In this instance your payment can be deferred.

Classes will start by approx 15 minutes into the start time. Should I not hear from you or not see you online, your payment will be taken as a 100% cancellation fee.

Urgent Appointments for Massage/Online Consultation:

As of the 2nd lockdown in England starting 5/11/20, I am now able to offer Emergency/Urgent appointments. Please be aware, that for minor ailments and injuries, these will be offered remotely via Zoom, to see if the issues can be resolved remotely first. Non urgent treatments will resume at the end of lockdown.

This is naturally to minimise contact during lockdown, therefore appointments will be for urgent only and assessed on a case by case basis.