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Relax Revive Restore

Relax your mind. Revive your body. Restore the Balance.

" When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - Buddhist Proverb

News & Events

EVENT: The Great Summer Restorative - 12/6/22 - Weeley Village Hall.

Hi All!,

Welcoming you to another 2 hour instalment of deep rest 🙂

An event including Restorative Yoga poses, breath work, meditation, massage, seasonal Aromatherapy and a Seasonal Sound Bath. All topped off with sweet nibbles at the end, to help you come to.

This event takes place at Weeley Village Hall on 12/6/22 between 2pm - 4pm.

The event cost is £17 pre booked and paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

Please bring your mat, blanket and a couple of cushions. Other equipment like blocks and straps can be brought with you, but I do have spares.

You can also bring a drink of you choice. If you have any dietary requirements, you can bring something to nibble at the end for you or like some regular attendees do, to share 🙂

To book:

Call/text: 07904 276 018

Email: [email protected]

Facebook DM:

Insta DM: @relax_revive_restore

I Look forward to seeing you there! Lx

EVENT: Sound A Sleep - Candle lit Yoga Nidra Meditation & Sound Bath - Spring.  Friday 27th May 2022 @ Little Clacton Village Hall 7.15pm - 8.45pm.

Hi All!,

Just adding a new event coming up on 27/5/22 @ Little Clacton Village Hall between 7.15pm - 8.45pm

It is a deeply rested event for 90 mins, with a brief relaxing Yoga practice, followed by a Yoga Nidra practice (guided meditation) and a Sound Bath to finish. This practice is in honour of Spring, so will be a light and spacious practice and meditation throughout.

This is a pre booked and paid event costing £12, Payable by bank transfer or Paypal. You can also pay cash at one of my classes to pre book.

Please bring your mat, a blanket and a couple of cushions.

To book: 

Email: [email protected]

Call/Text: 07904 276 018

Facebook DM:

Insta DM: @relax_revive_restore

I look forward to seeing you there! Lx

Price Changes as of 1/1/22:

Hi All!

Just a reminder that there is a slight increase in all prices for Yoga and Massage in the New year. I have amended my prices on the price list page and these come into effect on 1/1/22. They have not been raised in a good few years, so needed. I have tried to tell everyone I see in advance, so no surprises! Lx

The Great Winter Restorative - Restorative Yoga and Sound Immersion - 28/11/21 - 1.30pm to 3.30pm Weeley Village Hall. 

I would love to welcome  you to the last Restorative of the year. 2 hours of Restorative Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Seasonal Aromatherapy and Seasonal Sound.

This event is on 28/11/21 between 1.30pm - 3.30pm @ Weeley Village Hall and costs £15. The event is pre booked and paid, either by bank transfer or Paypal.

You will need to bring your Yoga mat, a blanket and a couple of cushions. You many also like to bring something to eat and drink at the end to help you come to.

To book:

Call/text: 07904 276 018

Email:[email protected]

Facebook DM:

Look forward to seeing you there! Lucy x

Yoga Back at Clacton and Weeley from 17th May!

I am pleased to announce the return of local Yoga's been a long time coming!

Weekly Classes and monthly Restorative practices, Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths all return to our wonderful community :)  Classes suit all levels, including grass root beginners.



The Albert Edward Hall Community Centre, Legerton Drive, Clacton.

Mondays: 9.30am - 11am

Thursdays: 7pm - 8.30pm


Weeley Village Hall, Clacton Rd, Weeley

Fridays: 9.30am - 11am

Monthly events TBA with upcoming dates.

🙏 Classes cost £7. Pre book and pay via bank transfer or PayPal. Cash option available for people unable to pay online.

🙏 Please bring your own mat.

🙏 Please also wear a mask in and out of venue, you do not have to wear a mask on your mat as a socially distanced class 

🙏 To book:

Call/text: 07904 276 018

Email: [email protected]

Facebook DM:

Instagram DM: [email protected]_revive_restore

I look forward to welcoming all regulars and new faces back. See you soon! Lucy x

24/2/21 - All Change Soon!?

Hi All!

This is just a rough update on dates that change my working practices. Please note, these dates are the EARLIEST dates things may change and it's all dependant on how the preceding steps go and there are no hiccups, as this may delay start dates. earlier than:

March 29th - Outdoor exercise can resume. This I have to clarify if its under rule of at the very worst, private/small group Yoga can resume outdoors.

April 12th - Routine close contact/massage services can resume. Again the finer points on this as to what we can offer in the remit of Massage/Bodywork has yet to be defined.

May 17th - Indoor exercise can resume. This means Yoga classes will return in venue. Again notes on restrictions (ie social distancing) I am yet to iron out......

Hopefully all these things will happen without a hitch, but as discussed nothing is set in stone by these dates.

I understand government will give us some notice as the time gets near, so when I know we have a green light for a definite start date, all clients and students will be notified and the relevant bookings will be made. This is all to save confusion and disappointment and at least all can have certainty.

In the meantime, Massage Services for Emergency Appointments Only, Remote Consultations and Online Yoga will continue.....

Hope this helps! Lx

10/11/20 - Yoga Online & Massage for "Urgent only appointments" during lockdown 2

Further to the Government announcement and in line with Lockdown rules, Yoga Classes are now remote. 121, Small Group & general classes available via Zoom. The general class times run in line with venue classes. 

These are:

Mondays: 9.30am - 11am

Thursdays: 7pm - 8.30pm

Fridays: 9.30am - 11am

Classes for the times listed above are £7, pre book and paid. Zoom is a free platform for you to use.

Massage services, in line with our awarding body guidance (FHT), are only permitted for urgent and emergency cases. For minor injuries, concerns and general issues, these are to be postponed until 2nd December. However you can be seen remotely should you need advice or a consultation. 

This again will be reviewed on 2nd December, depending if there are any new restrictions that could affect us. 

12/5/20 - Massage Services postponed until 4/7/20 earliest 

(We think!)

Hope you are all doing well :)

Following the publishing of the Government document yesterday regarding the guidance of easing the restrictions of lockdown, it seems that all close proximity workers (Hairdressing, Beauty which includes Massage, and personal care) are, more than likely, to not return to service until 4/7/20 at the earliest, as falls under "Phase 3" of re opening.

My awarding body and insurer (FHT) have stipulated that it is still not appropriate to treat face to face at this time, after consulting the relevant guidance.

However they have released guidance on "Covid Secure"/ safe practice when returning to work, which I will be diligently following.

These guidelines are conditional and honestly depends on when we reach the third phase of easing restrictions.

BUT..... the silver lining from this is:

I am still running online group classes via Zoom :)

I am still running online 121s and small group in Yoga & Meditation :)

I am still offering online consultations :)

In short, I am still offering a good amount of services, to help all of you through this :)


Much Love... Lucy x

3/4/20 - Updated Timetable and Details on the 


After a fruitful week of online classes for the regular attendees of class, the online service can now be offered to the wider public, to aid people through the lock down due to Covid 19.

More services are added, including timetables for 121 and small group Yoga and Meditation. This timetable is subject to change and update, but this is the timetable for the time being.

All can be found on the "Online Services" page of this website, including how to book, ways to pay etc.

For more live info, please follow/join the private group I have set up on Facebook:

On here I shall put up a live feed for online classes, videos and tips to aid you through the lockdown. We can get through this :) Lx

27/3/20 - Announcement that Online Classes are 

good to go for regular attendees as of next week!

Hi All!,

I have just posted in the Online Services tab of my website, for the regular attendees to my Yoga Classes, This details a few things:

How to get on board the online Yoga Classes via the Zoom platform

Next week Yoga Classes are free to regular attendees of my Yoga classes, this is a trial run week for both you and I, so we can all get used to it.

Details I need from you for this to happen.

As discussed, please see the latest info in the online services tab. This will change week on week, as services are progressively rolled out.

I very much look forward to seeing you! Lx 


Hi All,

Well what a year a week has been! It has been harrowing for all concerned. I need to fill you in on changes in business practices.

YOGA: On Friday, both venues have now closed to limit spread of the out break. This means that for the time being, physical Yoga classes have stopped.

HOWEVER: Gary and I (and quite possibly our cats!) are working diligently towards setting up online Yoga Classes, both group and 121, to bring me and our community to your home. It will happen and aiming to be up and running by end of next week. I can help all needed to deal with the tech side, as and when it comes to it.

MEDITATION: I am also looking to set up meditation classes, both group and 121. I feel that we need "something to stabilise the boat"...and at this time, it is needed more now than ever. I am willing to listen to your needs on a 121 or group basis and design your meditation practice around it.

SOUND BATHS: I am also looking into online Sound Baths, to aid in your calm in this time. These will be up for purchase, for a small fee.

RESTORATIVE: Due to the close of venues, it's not possible at this time to run a physical Restorative at this time. But I am looking into a remote one to be held online. People booked on the restorative on the 29th March can have a refund, offset it to classes, or defer to the next restorative, both physical or virtual.

MASSAGE: Sadly due to guidelines from my awarding bodies, it is advised that treatments should cease. I shall contact my clients personally, to discuss.

I am here to serve you. This is what my vocation is all about. I want our community to continue and will do my utmost to continue my support to you all.

Lastly, I am slashing prices from my normal physical practice, to help make this viable for all within this crisis. We have all been hit hard by this...we can get through.

I am about, should you need me. Please do not hesitate to contact me through here, my website or by phone on 07904 276 018.

This too shall pass. Much Love Lx


Hi All!

In light of the recent pandemic, you have probably noticed attending classes or treatments, whether home visit or in clinic, that hygiene standards have to be raised an extra bar, to deter the potential spread of Covid 19. Here are just some minor changes, to make sure we all stay safe.

Us therapists and teachers are always making sure our hands are clean as it's the professional standard. But we would be most grateful if you can clean yours before treatment or class and just generally wash hands on a regular basis.

It will be advisable to bring your own mat to Yoga, but Yoga equipment will still be provided. At the end of every session, all equipment is sprayed down/cleaned with sanitizer, to halt the spread of infection. In regards to massage, the couches are cleaned after every session.

I kindly ask, if you present symptoms or generally feel unwell, please do not attend class or treatment. It may be over precaution, but at this point in time we cant afford to take risks! In that light, I wish you a speedy recovery should this happen ❤

Should I appear to present symptoms that could put you at risk, I shall self isolate as advised. I shall make every endeavor to keep you posted as soon as possible regarding this on both here and on my website under the "News & Events" tab.

Likewise, if a venue has to shut down due to the pandemic, I shall also keep you posted. We are all trying to work to prevent either situation from happening.

⏰ Amendments are under review as the situation changes, therefore there may be minor changes to events, regardless of the remit (either Massage or Yoga). Ultimately I am aiming for as little disruption to the services that I provide, to offer you the best service possible within the current circumstances. This is with public health advice permitting.

I know that this pandemic is taxing a lot of people. I as all therapists are here to help and with stress levels high it is very much needed, but if we all work together, we can get through the other side of this with minimal disruption.

Much Love Lx

Event: The Great Spring Restorative - 29/3/20 - 

Weeley Village Hall

Welcome to the next installment for our monthly dose of relaxation. A 2 hour gentle and rested practice occurring at Weeley Village Hall on Sunday 29th March 2020 between 2pm - 4pm.

The class will be filled with Restorative style Yoga, Massage, Seasonal Aromatherapy, Meditation, Sound and Seasonal sweet nibbles at the end.

This class is a pre book and pay event costing £15, there is no drop in. You can pay me on one of your treatments or classes with me. Alternatively, you can DM me through my Facebook page, or via email: [email protected], or call/text me on 07904 276 018 to give you info on further ways to pay.

Please bring your own mat, blanket and cushion, all other equipment is provided. Also bring a beverage of your choice.

Seasonal sweet nibbles will be provided, either by me or by other attendants to share, but should you have any dietary requirements regarding food, it is advisable to bring something sweet to eat for the end, as normally people a very VERY relaxed and serene when finished.

All this leaves me to say is that I look forward to seeing you there!

Lucy x

Event: The Late Great Winter Restorative - 23/2/20 - 

Weeley Village Hall.

We are back for our monthly dose of relaxation and rest! A 2 hour rested practice happening at Weeley Village Hall on Sunday February 23rd 2020 between 2pm - 4pm.

The class will be filled with Restorative Yoga, Seasonal Aromatherapy, Massage, Meditation, Breath, Sound Immersion and sweet seasonal nibbles.

This is pre booked booked and paid event costing £15. You can pay to book in one of my classes, or alternatively call/text me on 07904 276 018, email me on [email protected], or DM me via my Relax Revive Restore Facebook page on further ways to pay.

Please bring with you a mat, cushion and blanket, all other equipment will be provided and do not worry if you forget something as I always bring a couple of spares. Also please bring with you a beverage of your choice.

I look forward to seeing you there! Lucy x

Holiday! 14/10/19 - 20/10/19

Hi All! Just so you know, I am off from the 14th October to 20th October 2019 for some well earned rest and a bit of a catch up of odd my partner's 40th birthday....There will be no Yoga Classes or Treatments until I come back on 21/10/19. Please bear in mind I won't be as near my works phone or social media during this please be patient as responses from me might be a tad delayed. Lx

Time for a change -

As of the 7th May 2019, my treatment hours will be changing. I shall be no longer working home visit in Tendring on a Saturday, but shall be reducing a day in Bodyworks Chiropractic Clinic, Colchester and opening this day up to the Tendring Community. Hours shall be posted nearer the time, but as a guide, I shall be in Bodyworks Mondays and Fridays 2.30pm - 8pm. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays I shall be opening my home visiting doors to Tendring. Please be patient with the time changes, all shall unfold in due course :) Lx

The Great Late Spring Restorative Class - 5th May 2019 - 

Weeley Village Hall, 10am - 12 noon

This is our monthly installment of Restorative Yoga, Aromatherapy, Massage, Sound, Meditation and seasonal eats!..all centered around Spring :)

2 hours of all of the aforementioned, happening at Weeley Village Hall on the 5th May 2019 between 10am - 12 noon. This is a pre book and pay event costing £15. Please book and pay at one of my classes, or message me on [email protected] or call/text me on 07904 276 018 for other ways to pay.

On the day, please bring at Yoga mat, cushion and blanket, all other equipment is provided. You may want to bring a beverage, I and others in the wonderful Tendring Yoga community, will bring seasonal cakes and the like. Should you want something of your choosing to eat, please bring on the day.

Hope to see you there! Lx

Holiday time - 14/4/19 - 23/4/19:

Hi All! Just so you know I am off from the 14th April to the 23rd April 2019, so no Yoga Classes or treatments at this time....I am off to rest! See you when I get back! Lx

The Great Autumn Restorative - Sunday 28th October & Sunday 18th November 2018 - 2pm - 4pm, Weeley Village Hall.

It's that time of year again for some restorative, relaxing Yoga. A couple of beautiful 2 hour classes, consisting of relaxing Yoga, Massage, Aromatherapy, Sound Immersion and some nibbles at the end. This is a pre book and pay class costing £10.

Should you be interested or have any queries, please contact me on my email: [email protected], or by phone/text on 07904 276 018, or via Facebook I will send you methods of paying, or you can pay me at one of my classes.

Please be aware, spaces are selling out fast, so booking and pre paying are essential. You will need on the day a Yoga mat, cushion and a blanket, all other equipment is provided for your class. Hope to see you there!

No Yoga Classes or treatments week commencing 15th Oct-22nd October 2018 - Holiday!

Again, just a polite notice to say that I am on holiday this week. All services will be resumed week commencing 22nd October. Should you try to contact me during this time, I may be a little later in responding, I think you in advance for you understanding.

No Yoga Class or treatments Monday 11th June 2018 - Studying in London

Just a polite notice to say there will be no Yoga Class or clinic treatments with me at Bodyworks on Monday June 11th 2018, as I am off on a course in London. This is the only day that is affected and all other services on all other days run as normal. Thanks!

The Great Summer Restorative - Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Sound - Sunday 29th July 2018 & Sunday 19th August 2018 - 2pm - 4pm Weeley Village Hall.

Due to the popularity of The Great Spring Restorative class run in May, I have decided to run 2 classes in between the workshops this time, instead of just the one!

This is a beautiful way to recharge the batteries and you do not need to have practiced Yoga to be at these great events!

This 2 hour class will be full of restful, Restorative yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Massage & Sound Meditation. It is a wonderful way to help you truly relax...all again with a Summer vibe.

This is a pre book & pay event costing £10. Please note, spaces are limited for this event and the last class of this type sold out, so booking sooner rather than later is highly advised.

Equipment is provided, but please bring your own drinks should you need and a blanket to keep you warm in your deep relaxation..I shall bring spare blankets should people need. Also you can bring your own mat should you have one, it can act as extra padding for your big lay down practice :)

For more info please contact me on the details found on the "Home" or "Contact" Tabs on this website. Hope to see you soon! Lx

FLOW: A Flowing Yoga, Meditation & Sound Workshop - Sunday 24th June 2018 1.30pm - 4.30pm - Weeley Village Hall.

This is our third installment of the year, a Yoga Workshop dedicated to Summer :) A wonderful workshop including gentle flowing Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy...all finishing on a restful Summer Sound Immersion including Ocean Drum, Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls and Zaphir Chimes. This workshop centered around finding your flow through life and practices to aid you with your own journey.

Again like the previous longer workshops, there will be cake included, this time with a Summer feel...I am thinking Victoria Sponge this time :)

The workshop is a book in advance and pay event costing £15. Equipment is provided, but if you would like to bring your own mat you are more than welcome and this will enable anyone without a mat to use one provided...the more the merrier! Also please bring your own drinks (water, tea, coffee etc) I will bring the cake :)

For more info please call/text me on 07904 276 018, or through email - [email protected]

Alternatively you can also message me via Facebook:

Hope to see you on the mat soon! Lx

GROW: Yoga, Meditation & Self Care Workshop - Sunday 18th March 2018 1.30pm - 4.30pm - Weeley Village Hall.

I am excited to announce the second workshop of the year! This workshop is our Spring workshop, all centered around your growth through the year and ways you can support yourself through that growth, with tips on self care.

There will be lots of soft flowing Yoga, heart felt and insightful meditations and an insight into more Yoga Philosophy. All topped off with tea and lemon drizzle cake!

This is a booked and paid event costing £15 where all equipment is provided. For more info, please contact me on the details provided on my web page. Look forward to seeing you there!

NOTICE: Yoga Classes cancelled Thursday 1/3/18 & Friday 2/3/18..Snow Day!

Due to the "Beast from the East" in all it's snowy glory, Yoga classes for these 2 dates have been cancelled. The roads are at their worst at night and in the morning, so it is just to ensure our safety. Classes will resume on Monday 5th March 2018.

Happy Easter 2017...I am off for 10 days!

This is just a note to wish all you people a Happy Easter and a restful one. Sometimes, your therapist and teacher needs to rest and this is one of those times. I am on holiday for 10 days, so there are no Yoga classes or treatment slots with me at this time. I will be contactable, but it may take me a little longer than normal to reply. Should you want an appointment or join me in a Yoga class, please call/text me on 07904 276 018 or mail me at [email protected] Normal service on all counts will resume from Monday 24th April 2017. See you on the other side!

Yoga @ The Albert Edward Hall, Clacton On Sea, Starting Monday 13th June

After much waiting and delayed excitement, I will be starting the long anticipated Yoga Classes in Clacton On Sea! Classes are held at the Albert Edward Hall Community Centre, Legerton Drive Clacton On Sea CO16 8DW. These classes will be held on a Monday morning and a Thursday evening and will cater for both beginners and improvers. Classes are:

Mondays - 9.30am-11am - Yoga Basics/Gentle Yoga

Thursdays - 6pm-7.30pm - Yoga Basics/Gentle Yoga

Thursdays - 7.30pm - 9pm - Intermediate/Yoga Flow

I hope to see you there! 

New arrivals to Yoga:

If you are new to one of my Yoga classes, please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than the scheduled class time on your first visit. You will be required to fill out a short health questionnaire, so I can understand any health conditions you may have. This will enable me to tailor the class to your needs. Many thanks!

Starting February 5th 2016 - Yoga @ Weeley Village Hall

As of Friday 5th February 2016 I shall be teaching at Weeley Village Hall, Clacton Rd., Weeley, Essex CO16 9DH. Classes will be on Fridays between 9.30am - 11am and will be a beginners class and the basics of Yoga. Great for people wanting to start Yoga, looking for a gentle yet powerful class and great for existing practitioners to look more into the fundamentals of Yoga practice, so a great time to brush up on your own Yoga. Also an ideal way to end your weekdays and approach the weekend with a relaxed and fluid body and mind. Modifications to poses will be given where necessary, to enable you to practice with ease. Classes cost £6. Please feel free to contact me for more details, or check out the Yoga pages on this site. I hope to see you on the mat soon!

Albert Edward Hall Community Centre - Postponement of opening

Sadly there has been a delay of opening of the Albert Edward Hall. Due to this I cannot open my Yoga classes there at the moment. However once it is open I shall be teaching here on a Monday morning and Thursday evening. Once I receive a definite date of opening I shall post on here and hope this new community centre can house a prosperous Yoga community!

Coming November 2015 - Yoga @ The Albert Edward Hall Community Centre, Clacton On Sea

I have recently had a meeting with the local Chair of Bockings Elm residents association and have now booked my first Yoga Venue in Clacton! I felt it important to bring Yoga to my own community, so will be holding classes at the newly built Albert Edward Hall Community Centre, Legerton Drive, Clacton On Sea CO16 8BW.

Classes will start in November 2015 and will by a drop in fee of £6. The classes will be on a Monday morning and a Thursday evening. They will cater for all abilities. For more details, please check my "Yoga" and "Yoga classes" pages.

As ever you can like my Facebook page for the latest information. Just search Relax Revive Restore in the Facebook search and you can access interesting articles, latest news on Yoga Classes and Massage appointments and any other interesting goodies I may conjure up or find on my travels.

Alternatively you can access my Facebook page here:

Coming November 2015 - Yoga!

I am finally becoming a Yoga Teacher! This is something that has been a dream for over 20 years and in September I finish my 200hr Yoga Alliance training. In November I shall be opening classes within the Clacton area on a Monday and a Thursday. Details shall follow so check back on here or on my Relax Revive Restore Facebook page for details in the near future. I look forward to meeting you on the couch or in a class soon!


I am publishing a blog! This is something I have wanted to dedicate some effort to for some time to give you an idea of my background and to give you ideas to aid your wellbeing. The blog section is in the side bar. I shall be putting up posts as and when I can. Feel free to roam and enjoy!

I'm on Facebook!

I have now set up a Facebook Page! Like my page to get up to date news on availability of appointments, news of events and interesting articles I have read that have a wealth of information on a variety of holistic health issues. I will also be writing my own blog which will help you with tips and ideas, give you insight into various treatments and more! Search Relax Revive Restore on Facebook or click here:

Meditation for Beginners - 6 week course - 

starting Sunday 8th February 2015.

I will be running a 6 week Meditation course starting Sunday 27th July from 11.30am - 1pm. 6 week courses costs £54 and are held at the Bodyworks Chiropractic Clinic in Wakes Colne, Colchester.

This will suit anybody who has brief experience in Meditation or complete beginners.

I will cover topics such as breathing techniques, creative visualisation, chakra meditation to name a few aspects amongst the course.

The course is designed to aid people to meditate within their daily lives and gain the tools to meditate, to help them with their Meditation journey.